All Slots Casino – Christmas Market

Bring some great Christmas cheer to your life and your living room with the All Slots Casino – Christmas Market. You’ll love being part of this promotion and having it as a thing that brightens up your day. You can have a blast all month long, leading up to Christmas, and see how the mobile casino games and the online games can be enhanced with this addition.

How It Works

The All Slots Casino – Christmas Market will be open starting November 29th and it will continue to be open until December 25th. During that time there are three main things that you can purchase and a specific way to purchase them. First of all, you should know that in addition to enjoying All Slots Casino pokies and playing this promotion at All Slots, you can also play it at other location. These locations include the All Jackpots Casino, the First Web Casino, the Wild Jack Casino and the VIP Lounge Casino. This means that there are just so many ways to have a blast and to really enjoy your holiday as it approaches with these fine locations.

Starting to Play

Now, the way that you enjoy the All Slots Casino – Christmas Market is as follows. You’ll get a Christmas coin to spend in the marketplace for each and every loyalty point that you have in your account. /These points can be achieved through the promotion and also through other locations in the casino where you may already be racking them in. Once you have the loyalty points, you can purchase things with them. The loyalty points become Christmas coins and then you can have three types of purchases. These include a free bonus, a free spins bonus or a cashback bonus.

Things You Can Do

As you play All slots Casino pokies, make sure you understand that the free spins are for specific games. These games include Avalon, Bridesmaids, Immortal Romance, Secret Santa and Santa’s wild ride. These are the games that you can use for the free spins if you purchase them. Each time that you purchase something in the promotion, you’ll also be eligible to be part of the drawing. The drawing is taking place on December 26th and it’s an additional way to have a blast with this promotion. Each person can only win one thing in the drawing, so if you’re lucky enough to have your name called more than once, you’ll get to keep the thing of the most value. So, what can you win as part of the mobile casino drawing?

Things to Win

As part of the All Slots Casino – Christmas Market drawing you can win the following. Five lucky people will each get a $1000 bonus while ten will get a $500 bonus. 25 people will walk away with a $100 bonus and 50 will get a $50 bonus. 100 people are going to get a $25 bonus and 250 people will have a $10 bonus. Finally, there will be 1000 people who each get a $5 bonus. This means that there are hundreds of ways to win in the bonus drawing and hundreds of ways to be thrilled with this part of the promotion.

Have a blast today with the All Slots Casino – Christmas Market and see how many ways you can enjoy yourself here.

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