All Slots Casino Promo - Halloween Sweepstakes

Throughout the month of October you're invited to add to your Halloween revelry with the All Slots Casino Promo - Halloween Sweepstakes . The entertaining promotion provides mobile casino players with special payouts that boost their wins and enhance the Halloween festivities. From October 6th through November 1st , the Australian online casino offers PC, Flash and mobile casino gamers the chance to earn their share of the $100,000 in casino bonus credits that will be distributed to valued players.

The Halloween Sweepstakes bonus earnings are added to your base game payouts, your games' bonus rounds and all of your other casino promotions. Even as you take advantages of the multiple casino bonus promotions, such as your Welcome Bonus for new players, your Loyalty Points for valued veteran players and new game and other seasonal bonuses, you'll earn tickets to the four weekly draws that are held throughout the month of October in celebration of the Halloween revelry.

Simply sign into your All Slots casino account or, if you're new to the casino, create a new account within minutes by submitting your name and an email address, along with a username and a password, to the casino. Enjoy your gambling activities as usual as you play your preferred All Slots Casino pokies, table games, card games and lotteries. At the end of every week, click the "Check My Tickets" button to see how many tickets you've earned during the week. Those are the tickets that will be entered into the following week's draw so you can win your percentage of that week's $25,000 in valuable casino credits.


Today, Halloween is celebrated worldwide, but that wasn't always the case. Until the final decades of the 20th century, Halloween was observed almost exclusively in North America. However, the appeal of the secular, carnival-like atmosphere of the day spread and today, Halloween is observed in both North and South America as well as in East Asia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain and even in Japan.

In point of fact, Halloween's beginnings were anything but secular. The early Christian Church co-opted the ancient Druid Samhain celebrations in which people dressed in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. Church officials recognized the value in allowing followers to engage in a bit of merriment and they established an "All Hallows Eve" to precede the more somber All Souls and All Saints days.  

The Irish immigrants of the 1800s brought the All Hallows commemoration with them as they established their new homes in America. The day evolved, taking on a more secular atmosphere, and slowly, the larger community started to adopt Halloween celebrations to their own lives and communities. Over the past hundred years Halloween has become a school and neighborhood-based salute to community engagement and cohesion.

Today, celebrants observe Halloween by dressing up, organizing parties, trick-or-treating and enjoying some good-natured pranks. Casino gamers have the added advantage of engaging in some money-making entertainment that combines Halloween fun with cash payouts.

How to Play

Once you've signed into your All Slots account on your PC or mobile device you'll be automatically entered into the promotion. Check the number of days that you played during the previous week since the number of days that you gambled for real money translate into draw tickets which you can then enter into the next week's Sweepstakes draw. The more you play, the more tickets you earn and the more tickets you'll have to enter into the draw to increase your chances to earn the highest prizes.  

Start out by signing into your casino account. Navigate to the promotion page and enter your username. Click the "Check My Tickets" button where you'll be able to ascertain the number of tickets that you've earned for the week's draw. You can check your ticket count at any time.

To earn tickets, you can play any of your preferred games. You'll earn Halloween Sweepstakes tickets for all of your gambling activities, regardless of your chosen games. The tickets are awarded for playing any of the casino's table games of baccarat, roulette, or craps, lotteries games such as scratch card, keno, sic bo and bingo, live dealer games, variety games,  card games which include both single-hand and multi-hand poker and blackjack and any of the three-reel classic pokies or five-reel video pokies.

Earning Tickets

Enter your name in the coming week's draw by clicking the “Earn Tickets Now” link on the Halloween Sweepstakes promotions page, the button on the webpage or the link in the promotional email which that will arrive in your inbox. The number of tickets that you earned via your previous week's gaming activities will be automatically translated into tickets and your tickets will be entered into the draw.

If you played three days during an October promotional week, you'll earn 2 tickets for the next week's draw. If you played five days during an October week, you'll earn 3 tickets in the next week's draw. If you played every day of a promotional week you'll earn five tickets for the next week's draw.

Your Loyalty Points also earn you tickets. For every 50 Loyalty Points that you earn, you'll receive one ticket which you'll be able to enter into the next week's draw. And, of course, your Loyalty Points will continue to accumulate so you can then redeem them for even more casino prizes and give-aways.


Every week in October:

  • Five players will earn 1,000 credits
  • Ten players will earn 500 credits  
  • Twenty five players will earn 100 credits  
  • Fifty players will earn 50 credits
  • One hundred players will earn 25 credits
  • Two hundred players will earn 10 credits
  • One thousand players will earn 5 credits

Notification of your wins are sent via SMS text message, casino message through your casino profile and by email. You can always check your ticket tally at the Sweepstakes Leaderboard at

Halloween has never been as fun and as entertaining as it is at All Slots when you join the All Slots Casino Promo - Halloween Sweepstakes. 

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