Major Millions

If you loved the Major Millions internet pokies, then you are sure to love the mobile version. Major Millions is one of the most popular pokies games available at a variety of mobile casinos and it is also a firm favourite at All Slots Casino.

How to Play Major Millions Mobile Pokies

Major Millions is a progressive mobile pokies game, and it has one of the largest jackpots of all. This means that every time someone plays it at the mobile pokies casino or at the online casino AU, more money will get added into the pot.

Major Millions is a three reel and three slot pokies with a fixed coin size of one credit. The player is able to wager up to three coins, with each coin enabling another payline.

The symbols used in Major millions are based on the classic symbols of the cherries, bars and the sevens. The symbols can all create winning variations on the activated lines. Of course, the Major Millions symbol is the symbol that will reward the player with the largest payouts.

The Major Millions Symbol

The Major Millions symbol in this great All Slots Casino pokies, acts as the wild symbol. This means that the symbol can be exchanged for all other symbols to create winning combinations. In addition, the Major Millions symbol is also a multiplier and can be used to double or even quadruple the regular payouts.

Three Major Millions symbols on the first payline will result in a payout of 25,000 coins. Three of the winning symbols on the second line will result in an even greater payout of 50,000 coins. If the player is lucky enough to spin three symbols on the third line he will win the whole progressive jackpot.

Winning at Major Millions

As with all mobile pokies, the player has no control over how the wheels will spin as that is all controlled by the random number computer generator, what the player does have control over is how many coins he wishes to wager. When playing progressive mobile pokies such as Major Millions the player is advised to always bet the maximum number of coins in order to make him eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

Major Millions mobile pokies is not only a fun and entertaining pokies game to play on the go, it is also the chance of winning a major jackpot.

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