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Imagine the feeling of playing your favorite online pokies game and winning a big jackpot. Now multiply that feeling ten or twenty times and you might get the sense of what it could feel like to win the progressive jackpot at Major Millions, one of the highest paying online pokies on the Internet. Major Millions, one of the top All Slots casino pokies, comes in two versions - a three reel, three pay line basic model and a five reel, 15 pay line game. Both games are connected to the progressive jackpot, which starts at 250,000 coins and grows any time someone plays the game and doesn't win. All Slots casino pokies are the pride of the casino, and Major Millions contributes a great deal to that.

Online Pokies for Big Spinners

Both the three reel and the fiver reel version of Major Millions has a wild symbol that helps complete pay lines. In the five reel version, however, the wild symbol – the Major Millions logo – is also a multiplier, tripling all of the winnings of lines it helps complete. The five reel version also adds a scatter symbol, helping complete pay lines from anywhere on the board. The scatter, an animated exploding cash symbol, also multiplies winnings substantially when three, four, or five of them appear at the same time. When three appear, the winnings are tripled. When four appear the winnings are multiplied by 10, and if five appear at once, the winnings are multiplied by a whopping 50 times. So even if you don't win the progressive jackpot, Major Millions stacks up with any other online pokies game for potential winnings.

Major Fun with All Slots Casino Pokies

Like most All Slots casino pokies, Major Millions offers first-rate graphics around a particular theme. The theme for this online pokies game, as the name suggests, is the military, with all of the symbols built around various military symbols. To qualify for the progressive jackpot you have to play the maximum number of coins. Winning the big jackpot in the five reel version of the game requires lining up five Major Millions symbols in the fifteenth pay line. So you only get to try for it if you activate all fifteen lines. The same goes for the three reel version. You must activate all three pay lines in order to qualify for the big prize. But then, when there is so much to win, it only makes sense to go for it. Imagine lining up the winning combination without having activated all the pay lines? So try out All Slots casino pokies and give yourself a shot at the big money.

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