Mayan Princess Mobile Slots

You’re sitting in traffic and not going anywhere at all, or you’re at the doctor’s office and waiting and waiting for your turn. It’s time to do something else with yourself during these times when you have nothing to do. And that’s exactly what the new mobile game at all slots casino called Mayan Princess mobile pokies is all about. This game will knock you off your toes while allowing you to enjoy awesome HTML5 allslots mobile game choices. Have a great time with this ancient-themed game today.

Getting in the Game

As you start to play Mayan Princess mobile pokies, you’ll see that the theme is all about a long forgotten culture. The Mayan civilisation lived in southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala between the years 300 and 900 AD and they have a lot to share with the rest of us. Through this all slots mobile games choice, you can learn a great deal about their culture and become more knowledgeable about a part of history. And you get to do all of this from the comfort of your phone, meaning that you can play anywhere that you find yourself and anytime that you want to do so.

The Game

The Mayan Princess mobile pokies game has many symbols that are all from the time long gone by. As one of the great all slots mobile games, this includes the sparkling sun, the maize, the crocodile, the bird, the leopard, the Mayan Princess and the warrior. The colours are bright and dramatic here, adding to the look and feel of the long lost time period. The Mayan Princess mobile games is a 5 reel, 20 payline game. As you start to play, watch for the Mayan Princess mobile games pyramid symbol. While in ancient times, the pyramid would have scared the people, it certainly doesn’t in the new mobile game at all slots casino. It would have been seen as scary because it was the site of many sacrifices, but today it’s simply your way in to the free spins section of the HTML5 allslots mobile game. When you get to the free spins section with the pyramids on reels 1 and 5, you’ll get a random amount of free spins up to 20. And your winnings will be doubled in this part of the all slots mobile games.

More Fun

With Mayan Princess mobile pokies, there is also a Mayan Princess wild symbol that can make you winning combinations. All of this combines to great fun with the new mobile game at all slots casino where you’ll have fun every time that you play. The game is actually quite simple in nature and doesn’t have too many complicated bonus sections or other things that complicate the game. This makes it particularly fun because you can play the HTML5 allslots mobile game without too much pressure or worry about how to follow the rules.

Enjoy the combination of going back to an ancient civilisation while enjoying the modern technology available with the all slots mobile games like Mayan Princes mobile games. Enjoy every minute of your play time. You'll love everything that the Mayan Princess game has to offer. The simplicity of the game is a welcome change from many of the other more complicated mobile slots games and yet the game welcomes you to a grand adventure. Enjoy going back in time to this game today.


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