It’s Easy to Unlock Pharaoh's Treasure Chest of Prizes at All Slots

When they were researching one of the pyramids in Egypt, they discovered a massive number of treasure chests. Inside the treasure chests are many wonderful prizes worth about $150,000!  When you reach into Pharaoh's Treasure Chest of Prizes at All Slots during June, you will be thrilled at what you find there.

You can play Pharaoh’s Treasure at All Slots or at one of its sister casinos in Jackpot Factory: Wild Jack, All Jackpots, The VIP Lounge, and First Web.

Everyone Can Get a Piece of the Treasure

But, first, you need to learn the basic rules.  Pharaoh's Treasure is the new monthly promotion from Jackpot Factory, one of the leading online casino groups.  Pharaoh's Treasure will be especially popular among Aussies because it appeals to the Aussie sense of high adventure!  In Pharaoh's Treasure it is so easy to qualify to unlock a treasure chest that they say that everyone’s a winner! 

Play any Game to Qualify to Unlock a Chest

To qualify to unlock a treasure chest, you only need to play the online casino games of your choice. There are eight rounds in the Pharaoh's Treasure promotion.  Here is a handy chart that you can download to your mobile device or put into your paper calendar.  In any case, it will help you keep abreast of the eight rounds of Pharaoh's Treasure.

  • Round 1: June 3 at 9:01 through June 6 at 23:59 
  • Round 2: June 7 at 7:01  through June 9 at 23:59 
  • Round 3: June 10 at 7:01  through June 13 at 23:59 
  • Round 4: June 14 at 7:01  through June 16 at 23:59 
  • Round 5: June 17 at 7:01  through June 20 at 23:59 
  • Round 6: June 21 at 7:01  through June 23 at 23:59 
  • Round 7: June 24 at 7:01  through June 27 at 23:59 
  • Round 8: June 28 at 7:01  through June 30 at 23:59

Please note that the rounds end at midnight and restart at 7:00 am.  This means that only wagers made during the promotion’s on time will qualify for the promotion.  Of course, when people play at All Slots, they often don’t pay attention to the time; there is simply so much to do at All Slots! 

There are hundreds of pokies at All Slots and hundreds of other games in every possible category.  Every game you play works toward qualifying you to unlock treasure chests if you play them during the proper promotional hours!

Ten Bets Per Game and You’re on your way to your Treasure Chest Award

In round number one, you can earn the right to unlock one treasure chest.  In all subsequent rounds, you can qualify to unlock up to three chests.  To qualify to open one chest, you have to play at least two different casino games during the round and make at least ten bets on each game.  As world famous pokies enthusiasts, Aussies are well aware of how quickly you can make twenty wagers in a three day period!  Riddle me this: How quickly can one Aussie, playing pokies, make twenty bets?

The answer is, of course, quicker than an American can learn the words to Waltzing Matilda!  But Pharaoh's Treasure is not simply an All Slots pokies contest!  You qualify no matter which game you play.  Even if you play the cute arcade games, you will qualify to unlock treasure chests!

To open two treasure chests you have to play at least six games during the round and make at least ten bets in each game.  To unlock three chests you must play at least eleven different games during the round and make at least ten bets in each game.  So, to qualify to unlock the maximum number of chests, three, in each round, you need to make 110 bets during the round.  Hello!  Can anyone say Aussie?

First You Earn Treasure Chests; Then You Unlock Them

This next part is somewhat obvious but pay attention to the bottom line!  The right to unlock treasure chests must be acted upon in the following round.  You simply go to the Pharaoh's Treasure promotion page and click on “unlock my treasure”.  But be sure to unlock your treasure chests in the very next round.  If you miss a round, you will forfeit your treasure chest!

Here Come the Prizes

When you unlock your treasure chest, your prize will be inside.  Everyone wins!  There are three categories of prizes.  The first is free spins on three of your favourite pokies, Terminator II, Avalon, and Golden Princess.  Your free spins will all be awarded on Avalon if you take them on your mobile device.

The second set of prizes is straight cash bonuses.  These bonuses range from 2-100 Aussie dollars.

The last set of prizes is double Loyalty Points on selected games.  Loyalty Points are actually real money.  When you have enough Loyalty Points, you can redeem them for cash to be placed in your on line casino account.  When you collect a sufficient number of Loyalty Points you are inducted into the VIP Club which entitles you to ever more bonuses, free tickets, special promotions and much more.

This Month Do a Different Kind of Walkabout

We know how much Aussies love their walkabouts and we also know how easy it is to continue gaming even on walkabout by playing on mobile.  This month however, we suggest you walkabout at All Slots Casino, playing eleven different games in each round and gathering up a large number of great prizes.


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