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Avast ye mateys. Ship up or you’ll be sent to Davy Jones Locker. Tally ho buccaneers, we are after booty.

Walk the Plank

Ever since 1629 there have been pirates in Australian waters. One of the most famous is the incident of the Batavia mutiny. In 1806, because of storms, the brig Venus was stuck for fourteen days at Twofold Bay on the southern coast of New South Wales. Captain Chase felt that there was animosity between his crew and himself, and afraid for his life, he went to the police. He thought the crew was going to take over the ship. And he was 100 per cent right as that is what exactly happened. They were termed ‘band of ruffians’ by the Sydney Gazette. Some of the crew consisted of First mate Benjamin Kelly who happened to have pockmarks all over his face. Richard Edwards who had a scar on one cheek was second mate. The head seaman was Josepth Redmonds who wore big earrings and kept his hair in pig-tails. A Malaysian cook, two convicts and a woman with a hoarse voice were the accomplices. It is a well known fact that the Pirates stole  heaps of gold, silver and precious which has never been found to this day.

Many say its somewhere around the Sydney Harbour bridge. But we know you can possibly make more than that amount in All Slots Casino Promo – Pirates Loot because everyone wins.

Many people heard of the famous Bounty mutiny in 1789 by William Bligh and his crew. It has been said that this episode inspired heaps of convicts to escape. After this drama, captains were very careful. The thought of snatching a ship and head for a South Seas tropical mind was prevalent. In 1792 on Captain Bligh’s second breadfruit journey, Lieutenant George Tobin saw how the seas were dotted with pirate ships.

It was between 1820 to 1850 when the biggest menace of pirates took place. This happened in Tasmania with Van Diemen’s Land was the source of the greatest down-and-out criminals in the colonies.

Treasure Island

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Blow the Man Down

Young lads or old-timers can take advantage of the fun casino excitement by signing into their account for the Pirate’s Loot promotion. It’s quite an easy game to play with Pirate’s Loot presenting a pleasant exchange with huge earning potentials. It only takes a spin to win. Or maybe a few spins as the one hundred, thousand dollars prize is just so very close.

You can join the promotion on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Go to the Pirates Loot webpage and spin the compass. By spinning the compass, you will know how many free spins you have won as well as any free bonus credits. It’s not necessary to make any deposit to spin the compass as you get a free spin all through the five promotional times. Promotional times are as follows:

  • First Round is from 2nd of August including 8th of August
  • Second Round is from 9th August including 15th August
  • Third Round is from 16th August including 22nd August
  • Fourth Round is from 23rd August including 29th August
  • Fifth Round is from 30th August including 5th September

The games that you can use your free spins on are Ariana slot machine, Thunderstruck II, Pistoleras slot machine, or, Avalon slots Gold Factory slots. You can also split up your free spins on different games or any slot machine. Note that if you are using your mobile to play, the free spins will only be applicable to the original Avalon slot.

The bonus credits are given in amounts of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred credits. After spinning the Pirate’s Loot compass, wherever it lands will indicate how many bonus credits you have won.

You can play this promotion at All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino First Web Casino, and The VIP Lounge Casino.

Be sure to claim your bonus credits within seven days of winning. Failure to do so would incur a forfeit on your prizes. Payouts won while playing free spins are credited to your bonus balance.

The month of August will be over before you know it. There has never been a month like it before. Take advantage of All Slots Casino Promo - Pirate's Loot

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