Poli for Online Banking

Many people have heard of Centricom. It's a major player in online banking in Australia and it started here in October of 2004. They have an innovative and excellent online payment system that they've named Poli, and it allows people Down Under to enjoy pokies online and so many other online services at the click of a button. Here's how it works.

How Poli Works

Poli first started in 2006 and has almost three dozen internet banking users today. It is available for users for online banking in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and it allows players of pokies online and of other games to enjoy a simple and easy way to bank. The way that it works is that Poli users can use a banking account that they already have to play pokies online. This means that you won't have to remember another password, open another online banking account, transfer money to this new account or deal with credit cards. Poli works on the idea of simplicity. It uses a bank account that you already have and simply makes it easy for you to move money from that bank account to the pokies online location where you want to play.

How to Get Started

The people who can use Poli includes anyone and everyone who has access to the Pay Anyone that the local banking program offers. By looking at the Poli website, users can see if their bank is supported with this system. Then, when you get to the pokies online site, you select that you want to pay with the Poli system and you select the bank where you already have an account. You need to check that you've installed the Poli Web Browser and you'll then indicate how much money you want to move from your bank account to the pokies online site. The Poli Web Browser helps you to have amazing security.

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Advantages with Poli

The list of advantages with Poli is plentiful. You don't have to have a credit card to play the games you enjoy. You don't have to open a new bank account or online banking in Australia system. You can use an existing bank account so you'll have all of your accounting in one location and you'll never have to remember new passwords. You won't be sharing personal information with Poli or worrying about who has your account information. All of this guarantees that you get the most from playing the games you enjoy in the safest way possible with Poli!

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