Thunderstruck Online Pokies

Get struck with the thundering fun offered by Thunderstruck. This is an online pokies game that features Thor, the thunder god of the Norse tales. With his at the online pokies game at All Slots Casino are the hammer, fist, castle, rams, horn, and even his bolt of lightning. You'll also see the 9, 10, J, Q, K, and Ace here. The dramatic graphics with Thunderstruck capture of mystical feel of the game and the drama that lies within. It starts with a movie that includes thunder, lightning and more and welcomes Thor to the screen.

Drama with Online Pokies

The drama continues as the player hears the winds howling around them and the thunder throughout the game. As you begin to play, watch out for Thor. With two Thor symbols on enabled paylines, you'll have a payout that is ten times the bet that you made. If you have three Thor symbols, this will increase to be 200 times your bet. With four Thors, you'll find yourself with 2000 times your bet, and with five of them, you'll have an amazing payout that is 10,000 times what you bet! Thor also works as a multiplier symbol and as a wild one.

Other Dramatic Fun with Thunderstruck

There is more drama at this online pokies game as well. The Rams symbol is the scatter one here and they can be scattered anywhere on the 5 reels. If you have three or more of these at the All Slots Casino online pokies game, you'll get 15 free spins and each of them will be tripled.

Gamble Feature Fun with Thunderstruck

The gamble feature is great fun at the All Slots Casino site with Thunderstruck as well. When you win in a round with Thunderstruck, you can make the decision to take your winnings or to gamble. You can try to guess the color of the card that is face-down to double your money or the suit of the card to quadruple it. This adds another layer of fun to the thundering, exciting game that is Thunderstruck.

Join the Fun with Thunderstruck

Anyone who knows about Thor finds him intriguing and enticing. Join Thor and the collection of Norse characters in an adventure that includes great graphics, amazing sound effects and interesting ways to win. You'll love following Thor on his next adventure and being part of the fun!

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